Bags of Love

EUCON has teamed up with Bags of Love, a charity providing comfort items and necessities to children in crisis and transition.  EUCON will have donation barrels at the con this year for anyone wishing to help out this great organization.  EUCON has a ton of fantastic prizes we’ll be giving away and each paid attendee will receive a ticket for prize drawings throughout the weekend.  Want an extra ticket for the raffle?  Donate an item to Bags of Love from the list below and you’ll not only be helping our community, you’ll also score an extra raffle ticket!

bagsloveThe sole purpose of Bags of Love is to provide necessities and comfort items to children who are in crisis due to neglect, abuse, poverty or homelessness.

Through our unique distribution model, we address the immediate needs of these children and help support the community agencies caring for them. EUCON is proud to support Bags of Love and this year we’re asking for your help.  We will be accepting donations for this great organization and are looking for the following items:

Donation Guidelines:

Used items need to be clean and new” Undergarments, socks and pajamas must be new
Clothing, toys, and books should be age and gender appropriate

Items in or on the bags need to be non-religious in nature, including clothing, books, and toys

Clothing needs to be conservative so parents and schools will not have issues. (No thong
underwear. No provocative t-shirts, either in style or subject of picture/logo –such as
nudity, alcohol, drugs, skulls, etc. No ..mommy,” ..daddy,” or “grandparent” clothing or bibs. )

Electronic games need to be self-contained and not require other video or elec­tronic equipment to use (No videos, DVDs or CDs.)

Toys, games, and puzzles must have all their pieces and be in good working con­dition