Cosplay Is Not ConsentEUCON wants attendees to show their enthusiasm with awesome costumes! We also want to make sure everyone has fun and is safe. If you have any questions about cosplaying rules or cosplay events, please contact us.

Cosplay is not consent.  EUCON has a strict no harassment policy in place and that policy will be enforced.

All costume weapons and props must conform to federal, state and local law.

PROP WEAPONS: We ask that you use common sense when bringing any prop weapon to the event.  Avoid bringing hard prop weapons to the event and we encourage the use of light materials such as foam, composite, light woods, and cardboard for prop weapons.  All prop weapons must be inspected and peace bonded by EUCON staff, and must remain peace bonded.  More on EUCON’s weapons policy can be found here.

Functional firearms are not permitted in the event or on event grounds.  All prop, toy, or fake firearms must be clearly marked with a brightly colored safety cap on the barrel.  Functional projectile weapons are not permitted.  Bows and the like are permitted so long as the string is removed or loosened to the point that it cannot fire a projectile.  Arrows or projectiles are allowed so long as they do not have a sharp tip and/or any sharp tip is removed.

Metal blade weapons that are sharpened are not permitted.  Blunt weapons are not permitted.  Chemical weapons and explosives including fireworks are not permitted.  Do not brandish weapons or props in a threatening manner.

All prop weapons purchased or won as prizes at the convention must be peace bonded by EUCON staff if they are to be carried during the convention.

COSTUMES:  EUCON is a family friendly event. Please use common sense and be considerate of other attendees, our guests, and exhibitors.  EUCON cannot be held liable for any damage incurred to your costume and you assume all risks, known or unknown, while engaging in cosplay activities.

No costume is not a costume. Paint alone is not a costume.  Pasties are not allowed. If your costume is deemed too revealing, offensive, or otherwise inappropriate, you’ll be asked to change or cover up. Please make sure your costume is well constructed and you have appropriate under garments on.  Protective footwear is required at all times – this means your footwear must be hard sole and worn for health and safety reasons.

Symbols of hate are not welcome at EUCON.

No inappropriate signs or signs offering services or making requests to be hugged or touched.  You’re welcome to politely ask for a hug, but do not hug people without their explicit permission.

These rules are subject to change without notice.