EUCON 2015 Guests

We want to thank our EUCON 2015 guests for making this year’s con special for all of our attendees and fans.  EUCON 2016 will take place next November and we will be announcing our special guests throughout the year!

Here were all the amazing guests we had at EUCON 2015!


Jim Beaver, Jason David Frank, Ernie Hudson, Naomi Grossman, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Chris 51, Peter Hollens


Chris Harrelson, Vegas PG, Jim Decker, Anina Bennett, Paul Guinan, Chris Roberson, Nate Quarry


Terryl Whitlatch, Steve Lieber, Randy Emberlin, Ron Randall, Jessica Dwyer, Sarah Buck, Bob Schreck


Chris Sebela, Matt Brundage, Audrey, Chris Jones, Mal Web, Heather Maranda, Jeff Wortham, Josh Bodwell


Retired Wonder Woman, The Batmobile, Randy Kintz, Brett Weldele, Bordin Marsinkul, Alisa Caves


Chihiro Howe, Marianne Walker, Portland Superheroes Coalition, Star Wars Oregon, Heroes for Hope, DJ Tre