EUCON Conduct Code

NOTE: EUCON utilizes police officers who are on site before, during and after event hours for everyone’s safety.  We do not use private security.  All officers onsite are sworn law enforcement.

EUCON wants to create a welcoming, safe, and inclusive environment for everyone. All attendees, exhibitors, sponsors, volunteers, staff, and guests are subject to EUCON rules and policies.  Failure to abide by these rules may result in your being removed from the convention. Ejection from the convention shall be at the discretion of the EUCON staff and without refund.  By attending EUCON, you agree to follow and comply with all rules and requests from EUCON staff, as well as all federal, state, and local laws.  EUCON decisions and/or interpretation of these rules shall be final.  All policies and rules are subject to change without notice.

cosnotconsentANTI-HARASSMENT POLICY:  EUCON enforces a strict no tolerance policy for harassment.  Anyone who engages in harassing behavior is subject to action deemed appropriate by the EUCON staff, up to and including expulsion from the event without refund. EUCON reserves the right to determine what constitutes harassment.

Harassment includes, but is not limited to, harassing photography and/or recording, offensive or harassing comments, sexual harassment, unwelcome physical contact, disrupting panels or other events, intimidation, hate speech, disorderly behavior, unwelcome sexual attention, stalking, the use of over sexual images on event grounds, unwelcome and/or inappropriate physical contact.  The event grounds include the event center, parking lots and other areas surrounding the event.

If you feel you are being harassed, witness harassment, or have other concerns, please contact a EUCON staff member to assist you. EUCON staff can contact security or law enforcement or otherwise assist you.

WEAPONS: A weapon is considered anything that could accidentally or purposefully cause injury to another attendee.  We ask that you use common sense when bringing any prop weapon to the event.  Avoid bringing hard prop weapons to the event and we encourage the use of light materials such as foam, composite, light woods, and cardboard be used for prop weapons.  All prop weapons must be inspected and peace bonded by EUCON staff, and must remain peace bonded.

Functional firearms are not permitted in the event or on event grounds, this includes actual firearms, BB guns, airsoft guns, pellet guns, paintball guns, cap guns, realistic looking firearms that can be confused with actual firearms.  All prop, toy, or fake firearms must be clearly marked with a brightly colored safety cap on the barrel.

Functional projectile weapons are not permitted, including slingshots or other sling devices, crossbows, long and short bows, rubber band guns, etc..  Bows and the like are permitted so long as the string is removed or loosened to the point that it cannot fire a projectile.  Arrows or projectiles are allowed so long as they do not have a sharp tip and/or any sharp tip is removed.

Metal blade weapons that are sharpened are not permitted including swords, daggers, knives, throwing stars, axes, and the like.  Blunt weapons are not permitted including hockey sticks, baseball bats, nunchaku, clubs, brass knuckles, slug devices, etc..  Chemical weapons and explosives including fireworks are not permitted.

SMOKING:  The use of tobacco products or e-cigarettes is not allowed inside the event or on event grounds.  While the use of marijuana is legal by Oregon state law, marijuana use inside the event and on event grounds if prohibited by law.

COSPLAY:  Cosplay is not consent.  EUCON has a strict no harassment policy in place andCosplay Is Not Consent that policy will be enforced.

EUCON wants attendees to show their enthusiasm with their awesome costumes!  We also want to make sure everyone has fun and is safe.  If you have any questions about cosplaying rules or events, please contact us.

PROP WEAPONS:  All costume weapons and props must conform to federal, state and local law.  All prop, toy, or fake firearms must be clearly marked with a brightly colored safety cap on the barrel.  All prop weapons must be peace bonded by a EUCON staff member.

Metal blade weapons that are sharpened are not permitted.  Blunt weapons are not permitted.  Chemical weapons and explosives including fireworks are not permitted.  Do not brandish weapons or props in a threatening manner.

All prop weapons purchased or won as prizes at the convention must be peace bonded by EUCON staff if they are to be carried during the convention.

COSTUMES:  EUCON is a family friendly event. Please use common sense and be considerate of other attendees, our guests, and exhibitors.  EUCON cannot be held liable for any damage incurred to your costume and you assume all risks, known or unknown, while engaging in cosplay activities.

No costume is not a costume. Paint alone is not a costume.  Pasties are not allowed. If your costume is deemed too revealing, offensive, or otherwise inappropriate, you’ll be asked to change or cover up. Please make sure your costume is well constructed and you have appropriate under garments on.  Protective footwear is required at all times – this means your footwear must be hard sole and worn for health and safety reasons.

Symbols of hate are not welcome at EUCON.

No inappropriate signs, no signs offering services or making requests to be hugged or touched.  You’re welcome to politely ask for a hug, but do not hug anyone without their explicit permission.

BADGES and WRISTBANDS:  All attendees and exhibitors are required to have a badge openly displayed or wristband for entry to the event.  All wristbands must be secured to your wrist.  You must show your badge or wristband to any EUCON staff member requesting to see it.  Entry is based on capacity and subject to rules and restrictions set by the Fire Marshall.

SPECIAL GUESTS:  While special guest appearances have been confirmed, all special guests announced for EUCON are appearing on a tentative basis and are subject to change due to professional or other commitments.  EUCON cannot guarantee an attendee will receive an autograph or photograph from any of our guests, and all autograph and photograph opportunities are offered on a first come, first serve basis – be sure to plan accordingly.  Some guests charge a fee for autographs and/or photographs.

PANELS, SPECIAL EVENTS:  EUCON cannot guarantee entry to any panel, presentation, or special event.  All such events are based on a first come, first serve basis so please plan accordingly.  Room capacity for events is subject to rules and restrictions set by the Fire Marshall.

ANIMALS:  No animals will be allowed inside the event other than service animals that qualify under the ADA.  We happily welcome all certified service animals.  Owners are responsible for cleaning any mess(es) created by a service animal and the service animal must be house trained.  Owners are required to have complete control over their animals at all times.  Animals that are out of control and/or disrupting the event will not be permitted to stay.

These rules are subject to change without notice.