Over 9,000 of you were a part of Eugene, Oregon’s first locally produced comic con in 10 years and we want to thank you for your support!  EUCON is now the 2nd largest independent comic con in the state of Oregon, all thanks to you! We thought we’d share some of the great media coverage EUCON received…

A Look at EUCON 2015 (video by The Eugene Weekly)

Photos: Eugene Comic Con (Daily Emerald)

Radio JH Audrey at EUCON (Radio JH vlog)

Eugene Comic Con 2015: ‘It exceeded our expections’ (KVAL)

Comic Convergence (Register Guard)

Comic Con celebrities pay pediatric patients a surprise visit (KMTR)

The Quest for an autograph at Eugene Comic Con (Oregon Artswatch)

Pop Cultured: Coming of the Con (Eugene Weekly)

Eugene weird meets Comic -Con Cosplay this weekend (Daily Emerald)

Eugene Comic Con to celebrate pop culture this Fall (Eugene Weekly)

YouTube Videos

Jim Beaver Panel

Jim Beaver calling Misha Collins from EUCON

Eugene Comic Con Meet and Greet with RadioJH Audrey!

EUCON Cosplays 2015

EUCON by Komplex

Interview with Naomi Grossman at Eugene Comic Con

Cameron and Erica’s Adventures: EUCON 2015


Comics from EUCON Oregon

EUCON 2015 by Tibbi S

Kylo Ren Cosplay

Highlights from Eugene Comic Con (LCC Torch)

The real deal Iron Man

Red Hood Cosplay COMPLETE!