EUCON is sponsored by your local Imagination International, Inc., the official North American distributor of Copic Markers!  Thanks to Imgaination International, Inc./COPIC for their support of EUCON from the first year on!

Imagination International, Inc. began as a small company committed to making the world a better place by putting the best artistic tools into the hands of accomplished and aspiring artists. From a spare bedroom in 1998 with two employees, to our 40,000 square foot facility with more than 70 employees today, helping artists and creative people is still at the heart of all that we do. You may know us as the exclusive distributor of the renowned Copic markers for North America and as the maker of the industry leading ImagiLux ultra-thin LED panel, but we are more than that.

We take great pride in our educational offerings, our customer service, and in the many products we sell (check out our brands). Though we are known throughout the world, we have always been a local company at heart. We support local arts organizations, schools, and community service organizations because we feel that every person should have the opportunity to reach their full creative potential — our love of the arts, the human spirit, and the power of creativity compels us to do so.